Baljit Singh has been fortunate to be part of teams that have brought innovation and game changer product & services to the market. He has experience in building successful product and services companies. Leadership and General Management expertise in developing and implementing business strategy, leading sales and marketing functions and building motivated teams in turn-around environments.  Baljit has a degree in Microelectronic Engineering (making of computer chips) from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York.

  • He was part of the team that brought the Accelerometer Chip, the chip that controls Airbags in cars.
  • He led the efforts to bring the world’s first automated fuzzy logic defect classification system for the semiconductor industry.
  • Developed New Business Development & Innovation process and due to his efforts, a new age Solar business was incubated.
  • Led the cost optimization efforts where a saving of over $350 million was achieved in less than six months. 
  • Led the application development with initial customers and guiding the R&D to bring the world’s fully automated Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) to the market.
  • Founded a service and a data analytics company (fuzzy logic /neural products) products for semiconductor market.

Baljit now assists companies in building their Innovation journey, mentors & coaches on developing their strategy and business development partnership. He is a CEO coach for building a billion dollar journey!


  1. Integration of automated defect classification into integrated circuit manufacturing, IEEE, ISBN:0-7803-2053-0, November 1994
  2. Automatic defect classification system for patterned semiconductor wafers, Proceeding of International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing, ISBN:0-7803-2928-7, September 1995
  3. Research project on Carbon Implanted Polysilicon Thin Film MOSFETs
  4. Book -“My Experiments with Innovation,” A practical guide to inculcate habits and lifestyle to drive innovation.

My Not-for-Profit Journey

Along with professional activities, Baljit is very active with his participation in non-profit initiatives with various NGO’s to contribute back to the society. Some of the key projects Baljit has been in involved:

  • Has been instrumental in giving support and guidance to the Punjabi Cultural Welfare Association (PCWA) of Navi Mumbai to create Punjab Heritage Bhavan in Belapur, Navi Mumbai. A three-storied building stands tall to show how few people can come together and deliver for the community.
  • In 2001, support for the victims of Gujarat earthquake in India. Where we collected donations and material in 2001 and went to Gujarat to distribute to the affected people. With the funds, temporary shelter was also built for several families.
  • In 2004 Tsunami in India and the 2011 Tsunami in Japan, together with the member of PCWA we came forward to support the affected people.
  • 2013, Baljit was active in supporting the affected people of Uttarakhand in India. Post the disaster, Baljit himself visited the affected areas and distributed relief material. Relief material to 300 families and 284 school children was provided. 
  • Since the COVID outbreak, Baljit has been leading the program Supporting Our Seniors (SOS) in Dallas Fort-Worth (DFW) area in USA. With the humble efforts of Roar 4 Change volunteers, the team has been able to deliver over 1000 FREE grocery food deliveries to the seniors and people with special needs in the area.
  • Mission Jackson: Delivery of over 10,000 bottles of water for residents of Jackson, Mississippi in the month of September 2022.
  • Mission Fort Myers: Delivery of truck load of relief material for the victims of Hurricane Ian in Fort Myers, Florida in the month of October 2022.
  • Click here to see our humble efforts with Roar 4 Change.

Next Steps…

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