Book Launch – My Experiments with Innovation

A practical guide to inculcate Habits and Lifestyles to drive innovation!

August 2nd, 2019 |

This book, My Experiments with Innovation, is all about the innovative journey and experiences. The book attempts to put together some habits and lifestyles that will enable us to inculcate innovativeness in the areas with possibilities and contribute to our lives and to the lives of those we are surrounded by. Further, the book shares ideas, events and happenings that helped me create PASSION for achieving my GOALS in life. Hence, it is about this PASSION, learning the PROCESS to achieve those goals, and having PATIENCE in your journey to achieve these goals.

The book was written with an aim to give the reader a memorable experience of learning. There has been an attempt to bring about the experiences of my life in a manner that the readers are able to relate with them in order to make the learning happen. My life’s purpose is to provide clean drinking water to the underprivileged children. I am thankful to the readers who have purchased the book to contribute towards this Purpose of my life. 50% of the book’s proceeds will be donated to install water purifiers in schools.

My Experiments with Innovation is dedication to my father Lieut Cmdr (Retd.) Gurbux Singh and daughter Sifti Kaur, and to all the daughters of the world. Daughters are special and because it is a dedication to my little girl, it is very close to my heart. The book is being launched on my father birthday. This is a gift from a son to his father.

Below is a poem that I wrote for Sifti on her 10th birthday. Six months before she was to turn 10, she had started saying: “Dad, this year is special. I am going to change to a two-digit personality.”

In order to make her 10th birthday special, and the year cherished, I wrote this poem for her. I wanted to make it even special, so I decided to surprise her in her class, by reciting it in front of her batchmates.

I worked with her English teacher, Ms. Littlefield at Flower Mound, Texas and she arranged for me to come to the class for the same. Ms. Littlefield loved the idea and she made it happen. I would also like to think that she liked the affinity that I share with my daughter. Moreover, delivering such a message to kids at this tender age is fruitful, as it stays for life. The way the poem was delivered, the entire class loved it. For weeks, the kids would approach Sifti and ask when her father is coming to read his next poem. You’d find that poem in the book.

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About the author: Baljit Singh has been fortunate to be part of teams that have brought innovation and game changer products & services to the market. He has experience in building successful product and services companies, and general management expertise in developing and implementing business strategy, leading sales and marketing functions and building motivated teams in turn-around environments. Baljit now assists companies in building their Innovation journey by mentoring and coaching them on developing their strategy and business development partnerships.

Along with professional activities, Baljit is very active with his participation in non-profit initiatives with a number of NGOs, to give back to the society. In the aftermath of the 2001 Gujarat earthquake, the 2013 Uttarakhand floods and the 2017 Chennai floods, he collected and distributed relief materials in the affected areas. He led the initiative to organise the Uttarakhand Charity Walk on December 01, 2013 to promote tourism in the state, wherein 30 locations were showcased in a 30-km walk. On May 18th, 2019 he has initiated a similar effort for the people of Odisha. On May 3rd, 2019 Cyclone Fani hit the state of Odisha, India which has affected over 16 million people.

Baljit has a degree in Micro-Electronics (making of computer chips) from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York.

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