Did You Know?

On Jan 8, 1889, the Punched Card Calculator patent was issued to Herman Hollerith. Latter he started a company called the Tabulating Machine Company. In 1911, this is one of 4 companies that merge to form the company that will one day be called IBM.

  • Herman Hollerith made a major contribution to the development of the modern digital computer with his tabulating machine. An early model of his invention was first used in 1890 to tabulate medical statistics gathered by the US Army.
  • In the year 1890, the United Census Bureau adopted Hollerith’s tabulating system for the census.
  • Herman Hollerith was not the first to design a mechanical calculator. Charles Babbage, an English mathematician, conceived a mechanical calculator in 1823, but he was unable to raise the funds needed to manufacture the machine.
  • Charles Babbage incorporated a system of punch cards into his design similar to that used in the Jacquard loom, invented in 1745 in France. Jacquard’s loom used punched cards to control the weaving of the cloth so that any desired pattern could be obtained automatically.

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