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On January 10, 1893, the World’s first underground railway “Tube: was opened.

The world’s first underground railway, it opened in January 1863 between Paddington and Farringdon using gas-lit wooden carriages hauled by steam locomotives. It was hailed as a success, carrying 38,000 passengers on the opening day.

  • The Underground is still one of the world’s biggest transit systems. More than 30,000 people rode the system on its first day of operationJanuary 10, 1863, and by the end of its first year of operation, the Metropolitan Railway had carried 10 million passengers.
  • Each Tube train travels an average of 114,500 miles a year, or 4.6 times around the world.
  • Each year, about 1.3 billion journeys are made on the London Underground. The busiest station in the network is Waterloo, which sees about 100.3 million passengers per year.
  • The average Londoner spends an average of about 11.5 days each year on the Underground—5.2 of those days in the Underground’s underground tunnels.
  • The deepest Underground station is Hampstead, on the Northern Line, which is located about 192 feet below street level. There’s an elevator, of course, but also an emergency spiral staircase featuring more than 320 steps, in case of emergency.
  • The Underground’s first real escalator was built in 1911 at Earl’s Court.
  • The longest escalator at any Underground station is the 197-foot-long moving stair at Angel, in Islington, on the Northern line.
  • The London Underground’s iconic map, which bears no relationship to actual topographical or geographical features, was designed in 1933 by Harry Beck. Beck, an engineering draftsman who worked in the London Underground’s signals office, was supposedly inspired by electronic circuit boards, and saw ways of tidying up the lines.

Source: various websites and London Underground website

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