Driving Innovation across teams when management is in SYNC!

People come together to form teams and teams drive innovation. Punjab Renewable Energy Systems Private Limited (PRESPL), is one such example where the management team is ‘Leading Indigenous’ Indian entrepreneur-cum-contributor in Biomass Supply Chain Management, in India, since 2011. 

It was a great pleasure to meet the management Lieutenant Colonel Monish Ahuja (Retd), Founder and Colonel Rohit Dev (Retd), Chief Operating Officer and present the innovation concepts and my book “My Experiments with Innovation.” The management team is connected with a common thread of defence services. All the management team members are ex-Army batch mates who understand each other’s personalities and compliment in skills and styles. 

One can easily see when team members have complimenting pH balance of Passion-Process-Patience, the team can get to their goals faster. PRESPL management team members with their complimenting skills and capabilities have been able to innovate the supply chain and have served the farmers and the industry with amicable Bio-Energy and Biomass solutions. PRESPL has spearheaded the Biomass Sphere by contributing to Policy Making, Technology Enhancements and also offer high value products and services across the farm to energy value chain.

Come let us understand our Innovation pH balance and people around us for achieving our goals faster! For any further information, please feel to reach me via email [email protected]