Finding Your Niche!

I have met a lot of entrepreneurs who at the start of their journey keep asking one question, “Should I follow my passion or find a niche?”  This is a question that has been debated and it’s something that every entrepreneur must ask themselves before starting their journey.

My advice to you today is first find the Purpose for your Imagination. See how it is Relevant to you and how you can make it Relevant to others.

You will find that many people in their journey forget about their focus on what are their innate skills, talents or purpose in life. Then one day, we ask ourselves, “I didn’t know WHY I am doing this. What I could offer people, who can I offer so I feel happy on What I am doing.”

To me there are three components to focus to find your Niche. The figure below illustrates that the three components

Snippets from the book

Chapter 1: Imagination | Purpose | Relevance

Chapter 2: What is Innovation pH Balance

Chapter 3: Finding Your Purpose

Chapter 4: How to Solve Challenges

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