Finding Your Purpose

The Purpose is the Why in your Life! The Why Matters and once you understand the Purpose there are many benefits you will find. Below is the 3-step process that could assist in identifying the Purpose if you have not found one. Take a moment and assess past one month of your life and identify the following:

Step 1: Happiest Times

The pH balance of Passion-Process-Patience and Hunger-Humbleness-Honesty will give you Happiness in your journey of I. In order to find the Purpose, take a snap shot of last one month and find what were you doing when you were the happiest the most. Who were with you during that time? What events contributed to the happiness.

Step 2: Proud Moments

The journey of life will create proud moments. Identify why you were proud and what factors lead to the feeling of pride. Identify people who shared your proud moments.

Step 3: Fulfilled and Satisfied Moments

During our journey of life whether work or personal journey, there are moments where we find yourself satisfied. Identify the what drove the feeling of Satisfied. Who were the people around you that contributed or what factors led you to the feeling of fulfillment?

It is this intersection that you are looking for to find your Purpose. It is this intersection that will create the drive. It is the intersection that give you meaning.

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