Heroes of our Society – Harbinder Singh & Bakhtawar Singh

June 26th, 2022

Life is all about understanding your pH balance and then acting on your strengths. When we see around, we will find heroes within our society that have acted on their pH balance. I had an previlage to present my book “My Experiments with Innovation” to Mrs. Harbinder Singh and Mr. Bakhtawar Singh, real life heroes. Mr. Bakhtawar hails from Jalandhar, Punjab and there was an immediate connection as this is also my hometown city.

It’s in trying times that one realizes the value of life and their pH elements strengths. Mr. Bakhtawar Singh and Mrs. Harbinder Singh, are a couple who have converted their pH elements of Passion, Process, Patience to achieve their goals. Their Humbleness and Honesty has been their foundation stone in their journey. This is an amazing story of the couple who have been silently working towards the betterment of the Pune city, a city in the state of Maharashtra, India. Below are highlights of their amazing and inspiring journey for all:

  • The recession of early 90’s hit Bakhtawar Singh’s pharmaceutical business. The recession led to leaving him and his family out on the streets.
  • Struggling to make ends meet, the couple had to take their two small children out of school, the younger daughter was shifted to a school providing free education for girls. This is where their thought process underwent a change and they started becoming compassionate and understanding towards the underprivileged.
  • Efforts to bring their life back to track, the couple began a dabba service, food service. They hopped the new food service would bring enough for their two children’s education but they still could not make this happen. On a friends advice, they admitted their son to a missionary run school, by the name Immanuel Mission School.
  • The couple were unable to pay the fee of mere rupees 500. The couple were asked to extend their food service to the school. Slowly with patience element, the window of opportunities opened, Bakhtawar Singh was offered to teach Indian cooking in the school.
  • Slowly patiently serving the school with his services, Bakhtwara Singh’s keen interest and input of betterment, he was made the Secretary of Board.
  • After 11 years of patiently meeting the ends meet, when the school was shifting to Lonavla, he felt that a noble initiative life this should not stop. He pitched to run the school, with his passion of “education is empowerment,” Bakhtawar Singh renamed the school as- Care Foundation Emmanuel Public School. It opened the doors to underprivileged kids in the area who could not afford English Medium school.
  • Bakhtawar Singh focused on administration management of the school and Harbinder Singh would cook for all the students.
  • It is a school to visit if you are in Pune, India. The playground is filled with children playing all sorts of sports.
  • Harbinder Singh and Bakhtawar are blessed with two wonderful kids – Poonam Singh and Pranay Singh. Poonam now has taken the lead in the administration of the school. Pranay has turned out to be cricketer who plays for the state of Maharashtra.
  • For their services, they have been national awards, including the the APJ Abdul Kalam Award for Excellence for his service towards the nation.

Please feel free to email me at [email protected] to learn about my book, “My Experiments with Innovation” which outlines habits and lifestyles to cultivate to drive innovation. Learn how to understand your pH balance to achieve your goals faster!

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  1. It is wonderful and highly appreciable for you to have come out with a book on a subject which not only youth but others too need to ponder
    Congratulations and blessings Col BRAR

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