How to Solve Challenges?

We discussed about Imagination | Purpose | Relevance that gives a meaningful journey. The we highlighted pH Balance of Innovation. We identified six elements that needs to be cultivated in order to be an innovator. Below graphic illustrates combined framework.

Now let us discuss a methodology to solve Challenges in the journey of Innovation.

We all are faced with Challenges in our personal and professional life journey. The framework that we have developed will enable you to identify key lenses that you could utilize to solve Challenges.

We call it the TPL Lens. Time | People | Location – The lens that will enable you take a creative view to solve your challenges. You first Imaginate the goal. The journey from point A to point B which is your goal is driven by Purpose. You make the goal relevant for you and others around you. It is now your creativity how to reach to the goal. It is your Innovation pH balance that will make your journey creative. In your journey you will be faced with Challenges and the TPL Lens will assist to solve those challenges.

The TPL Lens originated from the concepts of Astrology. Horoscope are made based on date & time of birth (T), parents (P) and location of birth (L). Astrology has always captivated the people and horoscope play an important role in our lives. So here we first explain the three lenses:

Time: Always plan your journey and the arrival. Timing is key to everything. From what to say and when to say in our daily communication to timing of a product entry to a market; timing is critical to success. Just like in astrology, the date & time of birth of a person encases a lot about his/her identity, characteristic and personality. Similarly, the use of Time lens is critical to solve challenges. Above all you must give time to solve your challenges.

People: People are the enabler to solve the challenges and they are also the source of your challenges. You must identify the problem source / enabler for you to solve your challenges. Just like astrology is a science which correlates the events on earth with the movements of the celestial bodies like sun, moon, stars and planets. It the people around you at a given Time and Location that will become your enabler or problem source.

Location: Location plays an important role as it dictates the people around you. In the virtual era, you can access to people from around the world and different time zones. But your strategy to solve a challenge must be unique based on where you are? How you launch a product is regional and your challenge is also local. Now let us look how to use these lenses to solve a challenge. The below graphic illustrates some of the questions to ask when using these lenses.

TPL Lens make a great tool to solve challenges during your journey from Imagination to Purpose. The graphic below illustrates the complete frame work that illustrates journey from Imagination to Purpose with your Innovation pH balance and TPL lens.

Learn about how to make Imagination – Purpose – Relevance in your journey! Build your Innovation pH balance. How to Solve Challenges? Purchase the upcoming book – My Experiments with Innovation. A practical guide to inculcate Habits and Lifestyles to drive innovation!

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