Interaction with the management of Guru Nanak Mission International Charitable Trust

November 21st, 2022

Mr. Baljit Singh visited the Guru Nanak Mission International Charitable Trust Campus. The Trust is running Guru Nanak Mission International Charitable Hospital at Budh Singh Nagar, Kukkar Majara on Main Road from Garhshankar to Shri Anandpur sahib Ji in Punjab, India. The visited was focus to interact with the management and offer international insights for the growth of two pillars of Guru Nanak Mission International Charitable Trust: Medical Services and Education.

First, we evaluated the current capabilities and services of Medical Services. A strawman strategy for focus and growth was presented the management. In the second half, we visited the two education facilities: Higher Secondary School and Nursing College at the campus. Mr. Baljit Singh interacted with the senior management to understand the capabilities and challenges. Post the interaction, a strawman strategy for the Education division for growth was presented to the management.

Mr. Baljit Singh, Chairman of Roar 4 Change, Author & Innovator said, “Guru Nanak Mission International Charitable Trust campus is impressive, it is great to see how the management is committed to provide state of art high quality Medical services and education facilities to peoples of back ward rural area at nominal charges. It is great to see how the management is following and spreading the three principles of Guru Nanak Dev Ji for living: Kirat Karo (Earn your livelihood with honesty), Naam Japo (Remember the almighty’s name and Vand Chako  (‘Vand’ share with others. Share with others who need the most).”

Mr. Baljit Singh further added, “I am looking forward providing my international experience and know-how to the growth of the Trust. I would be providing the 5-year straw-man strategy for growth. I am honored to offer an initial assessment to the Trust Management.”

Sardar Raj Karan, Sardar Kulvinder Singh, Sardar Kama Sahib, Mr. Baljit Singh, Dr. Shivinder Singh Gill, Ms. Anureet Kaur (Left to Right)

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