May 15, 2019 | Differentiate Between Your Goals and Purpose of Life

We need to finding the meaning of journey of Life! The first step is to define Goals with time periods and the second step is Find the Purpose of that journey. The define your goal(s) we should our imagination.

The journey of Life is find the Gifts at the end of the Goal, The Purpose of Life is to Give it Away! The moment we understand this, we have risen to the higher Purpose other than Self in our Journey!

I found my new Goal today which added further to my Purpose. Was at Stanford University today. I remember driving across the country from Rochester with only $300 in my pocket and a car with full personal stuff. Sleeping in the car and using the five star hotel rest rooms to freshen up. When I reach Standard, I only had part scholarship. With the hardships from during the bachelor’s degree, decided to turn back and drive back to east coast for the new job. 

I had made up that I will never look back to Stanford but today life pulled me back there. The beautiful campus gave me a new Goal and added further to my Purpose.   

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