May 25, 2019 | Animals and Your Own Mind Are Your Best Friend!

When I landed in Heathrow, my mind was wandering on what to do! My cousins were too far and one of the cousin who lives in London was at work. Realized that mind without a goal is lost. The goal whether is is short term or long term is important. Goal is the navigation GPS that gives you the direction.

I decided to explore South Hall for 3 hours. Learned few things

1. When individuals do not have goals or purpose they look for purpose for life. When they have no attachments they will get attached easily to Religion, Radicalism, Drugs or Human Kind.

2. I picked Religion for the first hour and went to the Gurudwara, Sikh temple in South Hall. The motive was to learn, have langar (food) and meet people.

3. Sometime you find a new purpose beyond self is to start a family. Met Iqbal Singh at the Gurudwara who just got married and had found a new purpose and new journey.

4. Next on the way I stopped and found that empty mind can also indulge in extreme alcohol or drugs. Met with folks in the park and chatted with them to understand life. They were all in drunk state of mind but in happy state. They had smile and no tension

Playing cards in the middle of the day with beer. They said that they do it everyday.

5. Then stopped two restaurants and learned that one can also binge when the mind is empty. Found a Goan restaurant in South Hall.

Then the jalebi, my weakness, of different kinds.

6. Then finally at the train platform on the way back, the image concluded my thoughts.

A puppy was nicely sitting on a bicycle. The puppy was trained to sit there as the owner does it daily.

Similarly our mind needs to trained from time to time. We can create a purpose in life with a journey for Self, Religion, Radicalism, Drown In Depression, or Human Kind. It is up to us and how we train our mind.

We have to keep training our mind! If we know how to train our mind, the journey becomes easy to achieve your goals.

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