Pay It Forward

Why wait for some to do a good deed and then you pay for it. Let us focus our efforts on Pay It Forward by doing a good deed for someone else. It will inspire generosity and compassion. All too often, we think too much about our own needs we are stuck in our Self and Family Purposes. We need to consider what small things can we do for others and without considering how our behavior affects others.

This year, April 16th, 2019 stands an important day where an Imagination has taken shape and we will convert this to a Process of giving. In order to keep up with the standard of living and new trends, we keep buying and storing clothes, toys for our kids and other materials. We keep storing them in our garages and huge walk-in closets. Some of the clothes hang out there all new and they have not been worn for months and sometimes years.

We have started an initiative, where we will take old but in good condition clothes, toys to deliver to orphanage in USA and India. We have been working with two orphanages in Navi Mumbai, India.

Rays of Hope an orphanage started Pastor Manoj Magar, which started in 2002. Encountering the children from broken families and the devastated situations of the orphans, living on streets, without children are given a home at this place.

The second orphanage gives shelter to girls whose parents have abandoned them or girls of mother working as sex workers. They are trying to give a better futures these girls.

We have started collecting clothes, toys or anything that you would like to share with these children. We are thankful to Pinca Sohal, Amanmeet Sandhu and Pardeep Kaur who came forward and have given two bags fulls of clothes that are going to India for these children.

So here is the process moving forward.

  1. Collection: We will be collecting clothes, toys etc. anything that you want to give that is in good condition. The collection will go on the entire year. We will organize to get it picked from your home at NO cost to you. Click here to coordinate with us.
  2. Twice a year, these will be distributed to needy in USA and India.
  3. We will give a complete details how your donations has been utilized.
  4. You will get tax credits under 501(c)(3) for your donations.

Let us join the Pay It Forward Mission. Look forward to your support.