The Power of ME

This book, The Power of ME, is all about Mindset (M) and Expectations (E). It is all about how how a mindset and expectation can guide your journey of life. The book outlines how an imbalance of Mindset and Expectation can lead to mental health issues and even a person can take steps that can lead to suicide. The book is puts perspective of life and tries to bring balance in our journey. The book is dedicated to Sardar Manjit Singh of village Dhanal Kalan, near Jalandhar in Punjab who committed suicide.

It is my humble attempt to raise Mental Health issues in our society and how we can seek help to have a balanced journey of ME (Mindset & Expectations). The below poem outlines the journey of ME.

Power of ME and Fighting depression is a fight between mind and heart-

(Mind) Mindset & (Heart) Expectations

I do not know what is right,

I do not know what is wrong.

In a one moment the mind is strong,

and in a moment it does it all wrong!

In one moment it creates memories,

In one moment it will destroy life.

Mind says,

I will race,

I will pace,

I will be angry,

I will be hungry,

It is the same mind,

if you control and create,

It will do wonders,

It is the same mind that does blunders.

Heart which is expectations says the following words to the family and friends:

You are my support,

You are my love,

Understand me,

I will show the signs,

Be it good or bad,

Don’t control me when I am trying to fly, Support me in the journey to the sky.

I will fall not once but many times,

But be the support every time.

I need your support when I am about jump, It is all about that one second ancillary pump!

It is one moment when I will do it all wrong, It is one moment that saves lives, It is one moment that creates life.

Let us take a moment and think what is right, Let take a moment to give a moment to save lives!

This book attempts to put together five pillars of destruction in the journey of life. Learn about those pillars and how you can support our humble efforts. 50% of the revenue generated by the book will be donated to Roar 4 Change, a Not-for-Profit organization for the Roar 4 Happiness program. Roar 4 Happiness initiative aims to focus on small and humble activities in the societies that we live in around the Mental Health Initiatives.

The book is planned to launch in the summer this year, 2023. Please order your copy now and support our humble efforts to increase the happiness with Roar 4 Change program.

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