This book, My Experiments with Innovation, is all about the innovative journey and experiences. The book attempts to put together some habits and lifestyles that will enable us to inculcate innovativeness in the areas with possibilities and contribute to our lives and to the lives of those we are surrounded by. Further, the book shares ideas, events and happenings that helped me create PASSION for achieving my GOALS in life. Hence, it is about this PASSION, learning the PROCESS to achieve those goals, and having PATIENCE in your journey to achieve these goals.

This book attempts to put together some habits and lifestyles, so we can inculcate innovativeness in the areas with possibilities and contribute to our lives and to the lives of those we are surrounded by. Further, the book shares ideas, events and happenings that helped me create PASSION for achieving my GOALS in life. Hence, it is about this PASSION, learning the PROCESS to achieve those goals, and having PATIENCE in your journey to achieve these goals.

The book was written with an aim to give the reader a memorable experience of learning. There has been an attempt to bring about the experiences of my life in a manner that the readers are able to relate with them in order to make the learning happen. In addition, each chapter starts with a poem, inspired and followed by true incidents of life and, finally, the lessons that these incidents left. The journey of life has been interesting, and each episode has led to a new kind of learning. Hence, it tries to bring that journey alive in each chapter, highlighting the habits you need to inculcate and the lessons to be learnt to develop PASSION | PROCESS | PATIENCE and have HUNGER | HUMILITY | HONESTY.

My Experiment With Innovation is dedicated to my daughter Sifti Kaur, and to all the daughters of the world. Daughters are special and because it is a dedication to my little girl, it is very close to my heart. Below is a poem that I wrote for Sifti on her 10th birthday. Six months before she was to turn 10, she had started saying: “Dad, this year is special. I am going to change to a two-digit personality.”

In order to make her 10th birthday special, and the year cherished, I wrote this poem for her. I wanted to make it even special, so I decided to surprise her in her class, by reciting it in front of her batch mates.

I worked with her English teacher Ms. Littlefield and she arranged for me to come to the class for the same. Ms. Littlefield loved the idea and she made it happen. I would also like to think that she liked the affinity that I have with my daughter. Moreover, delivering such a message to kids at this tender age is fruitful, as it penetrates for life. The way the poem was delivered, the entire class loved it. For weeks, the kids would approach Sifti and ask when her father is coming to read his next poem.

So, here is the poem that, in fact, summarizes the pillars of innovation – PASSION | PROCESS | PATIENCE.

A father’s mantra to life

Happy Birthday, Sifti! Here are a few lines on your birthday, with the hope that you will cherish these today, and when you turn 21.

My Life in Few Lines

My life, in short, has been built on the principles shared above.

The course of one’s life is built with the influence and associations with others and one’s experiences during the journey that one undertakes with them. My life has progressed due to the influence of several personalities and I would like to take a moment to recognize them and give them due significance. And the list must start from my Parents.

I idolize my father, Lt. Commander (Retd.) Gurbux Singh, who served in the Indian Navy. The man has lived his life helping anybody coming to him for assistance. He is the person who single-handedly drove social service through the NGO that he founded with his friends. With their PASSION, they have been able to create Punjab Heritage Bhavan in Belapur, Navi Mumbai. The three-storied building stands tall to show how few people can come together and deliver for the community. They have built this structure on a 650 square meters land and all through donations from the community. That’s where I learnt the significance of compassion and perseverance.

It is their HONESTY & PASSION that has driven the entire project, standing upright like pillars. Today, they have a medical dispensary on the ground floor where anybody from the community can get free medical service. The doctors from Mahatma Gandhi Mission Hospital come to serve the community. First floor houses an air-conditioned hall that can accommodate 300 people, and is available for rent for less than $100 for the entire evening. The local community comprising of all castes, religions and backgrounds hire this. The second floor houses rooms, a mini hall and a library. The building, for me, is a symbol of PASSION & HONESTY.

My mother, Santokh Kaur has been a symbol of PATIENCE & HUMILITY, and the lady who has patiently been in the background to support my father. We often undermine the significance of the people behind our success whose role may not be too visible, but they happen to be the steady force to lead us through both tumultuous and happy phases. She has supported me when everybody in my life went south. She always stood by me whether I was right or wrong; whether it was a high or low of my life. Even today, when I feel broken inside, I always drop everything in life and go to spend time with her. Just her presence gives me the strength to carry on. The way she takes everything in life with a warm smile, is the source of strength and power to me.

The other pillar of my life has been my wife, Pardeep who has been supportive of my work and outside endeavors. A wonderful partner who keeps me grounded. Thank you for being honest and for supporting me endlessly.

During the journey of life, we should always find folks who become the pillars that we need to stand strong. However, if this person happens to be any of your parents, or somebody close, you tend to take them for granted. You may lose sight of the fact that you need to express gratitude towards them, same as you would for somebody else. 

The professional journey of your life can be influenced by one individual and, at times, many. My life has been influenced by many people. I take this opportunity to thank all these individuals who have contributed in some way or the other in my professional journey and growth. Foregoing to do this will leave this book incomplete.

I express my gratitude to the people who have shaped my professional life – Aditya Agarwal, Alfred Abraham, Alexander Thomas, Amber Marwah, Amit Inamdar, Ariel Kolitz, Arvind Kumar, Asim Zubair, Ashish Shirurkar, Avishai Bartov, Bahadur Singh, Bavneet Brar, Benny Shoham, Bhanwar Singh, Bikram Sohal, Bir Kapoor, Cathy Burke, Daniela Arnon, David Almout, Dev Bhattacharya, Dov Hirsch, D.P. Singh Aujla, , Gad Yaron, G.P Randhawa, Firdos Poonawala, Fred Lakhani, Gilad Almogy, Gopi Nair, Gurpreet Dhillon, G.S Gill, Harjinder Singh, Harmeet Taneja, Harshvendra Soin, Hemant Mago, Hema Kunder, H.S. Dhillon, Israel Niv, Jagjeet Singh Panesar, Jatinder Sohal, Jim Kawski, Jochen Gruhn, John O’Dell, John Moquin, Professor Joseph, Kamal Sharma, Karamchand Tiwari, Ken Tobin, Lucian Wagner, Lynn Fuller, Mahendra Chheda, Manish Bijlani, Maty Moran, Michael Jackson, Mohinder Lamba, M. J. Singh, Nati Peles, Nidhi Mittal Bhansal, Nirmal Singh, Nishant Singh, Pankaj Chaturvedi, Pankaj Gandotra, Paramjit Singh, Parminder Singh Kaur, Parul Chheda, Parvesh Singh, Paul Marchetti, Paul Gupta, Pravin Rajpal, Rajinder Matharu, Rajiv Gupta, Ram Nabar, Ranbir Singh, Robert Abbe, Robert Pearson, Rohit Raina, Sanjay Panjwani, Sanjay Minocha, Santosh Kurinec, Santrupt Misra, Satnam Singh, Subhash Bijlani, Sudeep Sandhu, Sudhakar Ramasubramanian, Tom Verburgt, Vijay Pichaya, Vineet Vermani, Vikrant Gogri, Vir Bhanu, Vivek Bogra, Yuval Wasserman and Wo-Tak Wu.

The journey of life is remembered by what you have given back to the society. All known individuals from Bill Gates to Mother Teresa are known not by their wealth but are known by their contributions to the society. My father has been my hero when it comes to giving back to the society. I have been always influenced by his thoughts and actions. In order to create our contribution and contributions from the buyers, fifty percent of the proceeds from this publication will be donated to voluntary work towards needy children. Let us come together and take the journey of Innovation to make this world a brighter and better place!

Next Steps…

The book is releasing in August 2019. Reserve your book!