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The book, My Experiments with Innovation, is all about the innovative journey and experiences. The book attempts to put together some habits and lifestyles that will enable us to inculcate innovativeness in the areas with possibilities and contribute to our lives and to the lives of those we are surrounded by.

Kalpana is a Sanskrit word which means imagination and creativity. Kalpana is critical for the innovation journey. In the business world, intellectual property (I.P) is a category of property that includes intangible creations of the human intellect. The I.P encompasses two types of rights; industrial property rights and copyright. But in one’s life the real I.P is Imagination and Purpose (IP). One must have the imagination and then find a purpose to achieve it. Having worked with people from different origins, I find it interesting how one creates a drive to achieve their goals. You will find individual with good imagination but sometimes they lack the purpose. Then there are individuals who will find purpose using somebody’s else imagination. In order to drive any innovation in the market place, one first must have the Imagination and then find a Purpose. Why are we creating it or pursuing the imagination?

As an entrepreneur, one has to pay particular attention to one’s own personality traits and hone those which can be useful in the business. All of us will have specific attributes that need to be developed and others that we have as a lineage. Identify and work on each one of them. This will also help you gauge your strengths and weaknesses and give you clarity on how the latter can be improved.

We all live but living with Purpose makes the difference. I believe we all have come with purpose, we just have to use our imagination and find the purpose. Having a purpose in what you do will become a compass to guide you. Making it relevant to people around you will give the ultimate fulfillment.

The difference between a successful and normal person is that a successful person has identified a purpose. They pursue that with passion, process and patience. During the journey they learn from their failures.

The first step is to visit the hall mark question, “What is my purpose of life.” There are many ways that you find your own GPS to find solution to this question. I have utilized the below 5 steps to navigate to find my Purpose of Life.

1. Do things that you love to do!

To be successful in the journey of innovation, the first step is to find I! The I is within you and is to find things that you love to do. You will find that you will start finding the purpose and passion of your life.

2. Creating a Life Purpose

The life purpose is one’s light house that you will navigate to with your actions. My life purpose is focused around delivering clean and drinking water to underprivileged children. I am now creating my life actions around this purpose. This book is another way of achieving that purpose. 50% of the book proceeds will go to deliver water purifiers in schools.

3. Find Qualities to achieve the Purpose

Once you find the Purpose, you will automatically find the Passion, Process and Patience to achieve the Purpose. In order to deliver, you have to ask what qualities or assets that you enjoy and how you can utilize them for the Purpose. Identifying those qualities will make the journey full of joy and fulfillment.

4. Follow Your Inner Navigation System

Follow your inner navigation system and that is why I call Innovation starts with finding your own I. Your inner navigation system will take you to the light house.

5. Learn from your failures and Spring Forward

This is the most essential element. There will be failures but do not let the ship sink with those failures. One must learn from those failure and Spring Forward!

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  1. Dear Baljit, you have understood the life very closely and brought in three various aspects of life in a simple manner. Investing into understanding life is the secret of happiness and containment. Good job buddy. All the best

    1. Thanks Srinivas. Have found that having a focus on the three- Imagination | Purpose | Relevance equates to Happiness.

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