Understanding Imagination, Purpose & Relevance can drive you!

Age is just a number! We all talk about health issues that can catch up after crossing fifty. We talk about retiring at the age of 65. Here are two real life stories that will change your mindset.

Balwant Singh, who is 66 years old this year (2019), sprints daily with his horse. Balwant Singh who lives in a village Talwandi Ziyuran which is in northern Punjab in India. Gurdaspur city is about 31 kilometers (19.26 miles) away from his village. At the age of 66, he sprints daily with his horse in 90 minutes. He has won over 100 medals and trophies. See the below video.

Video Credit: Punjab Tak

Here is another live example for us. A local Delano, California farmer Bakhtawar Brar celebrated his 105 years in 2018. He celebrated his birthday from his desk, at work. The man hasn’t stopped working a day in his life and he says work is what keeps him alive. Brar has been overseeing his son’s agriculture company since 2006. He starts his office everyday at 5a.m and 7 days a week. Always there! Brar is from India. A decorated army veteran in his country. He moved to the U.S. in 1980 when he was 68. He was told, at his age, he should apply for a pension. He said thank you! I have not contributed to this country yet to take pension. He said, I am not in USA to be a burden, I will earn it if I need it. As per Brar, a person is never useless in their life. They may go down in performance, but everyone can do something for their country.

Video Credit: KGET.com

We can find many examples but what is that drives this attitude. One might say genetics and diet is important that will enable to do this. But beyond genetics and diet it is Imagination – Purpose – Relevance! The real IP of a human being is Imagination and Purpose. You need to find a purpose that will drive your imagination to achieve it. You must make it relevant first for yourself and then to others around you. Both Singh and Brar are great examples where they have found their Purpose. They have used their Imagination on how to make it Relevant for themselves and folks around them!

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2 thoughts on “Understanding Imagination, Purpose & Relevance can drive you!”

  1. Very inspiring. Imagination—Purpose—Relevance…..true powerful goals. Once seriously set, there’s no looking back cuz then we know the purpose of life too. There will be challenges but it’s upto us how we over come them.

    1. Thanks for comments Souniaa. You are so true that you on the journey towards to your goals you will be faced with challenges. The books has a chapter on how to overcome challenges. In fact the next blog post is on the same subject.

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