Schedule a workshop with Baljit. The workshop is designed around the book “My Experiments with Innovation.” It summarizes the habits learned to cultivate innovation.

As we get older, life grows in complexity, and so does the list of responsibilities and the issues that we face in our day-to-day life. We forget our focus on innovating and tend to lose our passion to achieve our goals. The once playful and imaginative spirit is taken over by complacency, creative blocks, fear, criticism from others and doubt in achieving our goals. It is critical to think creatively – beyond our ordinary thinking habits. We sometimes need motivation to push the envelope to create innovative business ideas or a new approach to personal or team working habits.

Through this highly interactive workshop, one will be challenged to think beyond social conditioning in order to access multiple perspectives and become more conscious of creative possibilities in their lives.

Learning Outcomes: 

Upon completion of this workshop, you will have accomplished the following:

  • Feel fully motivated to achieve your team and carrier goals
  • Identified key habits that you want to focus to cultivate innovation
  • Compared the difference between critical and creative thinking
  • Elements of Innovation process and how to drive innovation within your organization
  • Through lecture, videos, discussion, improvisational activities, games, and self-reflection, one will have further exercised their innate creative thinking skills.

Next Steps

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